August Nurturing Focus: Attuning to Wisdom of the Heart

“The experiences and expressions of Loving are abundant and ever present. Your experiences on this earth are designed for Awakening into the Awareness of your Self as an emanation, a radiation, an expression of Living Love! They are intended to be vehicles for your Enlightenment fostering you in Remembering the Light Within.”
—Mary and Ron Hulnick
Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living

As you develop Mastery in observing what is moving through your consciousness rather than identifying with it; and in using Compassionate Self-Forgiveness to sacrifice the “mishegoss”— the illusion of separation, the judgments, conditioned beliefs, limiting interpretations of reality, and misidentifications residing in your consciousness—you eventually begin waking up into the Love that is your natural state of Being, thus gaining greater access to the Wisdom of your Heart, to the infinite Wisdom, Creativity, Peace, Joy, Aliveness that you are. This is the very work you came to the Earth School to do!

Examples of Nurturing Activities for this month:

  • Reading inspirational material that resonates with the Wisdom of your Heart.
  • Keeping a journal of “downloads” from your Inner Counselor.
  • Praying and Asking for Spirit’s guidance.
  • Meditating, taking time in the Silence to listen to the Wisdom of your Heart.
  • Practicing discernment in learning to sift what flows through your awareness, separating the wheat from the chaff and cultivating Compassionate Self-Forgiveness as the breath of kindness that blows the chaff away.


I am forgiving myself as I am remembering who I AM.

“Prayer is an opportunity to come into Loving Resonance with the Divine—your Soul Essence made manifest in your Authentic Self—and the Universal Love,
the Divine Intelligence that infuses all Creation.”

—Mary and Ron Hulnick
Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living

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