April Nurturing Focus: Accepting Your Worthiness and Lovability

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the silent pull of what you really love.”

You are a Divine Being having a human experience. Are you willing to let go of your misidentification of your self as unworthy and unlovable in service to waking up more fully to the LOVE that you are? Unworthiness is a case of mistaken identity. It’s a case of identity theft by the ego. Compassionate Self-Forgiveness is the magic elixir that dissolves the illusion of unworthiness.

Examples of Nurturing Activities for this month:

  • 33-day process of Healing of Memories.
  • Free-form writing followed by Compassionate Self-Forgiveness.
  • Completing your day with a Daily Review and Compassionate Self-Forgiveness.
  • Bedtime intentions with a focus of experiencing/knowing yourself as a Divine Being—worthy, Loving, and Lovable.
  • Sharing encouragement and positive self-talk daily.
  • Prizing and appreciating your Self at the completion of each day (not just for what you do but for who you are).


I am Accepting and Expressing the Loving Heart that I AM. I am Loving, Lovely, and Lovable.

“There is a way of breathing that’s a shame and a suffocation and there’s another way of expiring, a love breath, that lets you open infinitely.”

Tracking Sheet
Self-Nurturing Sample