Gratitude Game

Click one of the trees below, then click each square to reveal a special surprise! It’s a fun way to support yourself in residing and delighting in the abundance of Blessings in your life!

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    1. Kevin Walsh Post author

      Each box just reveals a portion of the quote image. Uncover all 6 and then click the ribbon to reveal!

  1. Berti Klein

    I loooove this game! How fun! However, after sharing my Gratitude with myself, I clicked on the boxes and the quotes were too big to see in the boxes – I checked all 3 “games” and all of the boxes. Any way that can be fixed, so I can see my wonderful Thanksgiving quotes??? Thank you for this fun start to my day!!

    1. Kevin Walsh Post author

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it! After you have clicked each of the 6 boxes twice, click the ribbon to reveal the image.