Self-Nurturing Sample

Sample Month

As part of my loving Self-caring this week, I AM nurturing and caring for my Self by:


  1. Joyfully riding my exercise bike a minimum of 20 min. at least 3 times a week.
  2. Enthusiastically taking my supplements daily!
  3. Supporting myself by reviewing my USM notebook and Ideal Scenes a minimum of once a week.


  1. Enthusiastically stating my affirmation a min. of 1X/day.
  2. Doing positive nurturing self-talk daily!
  3. Compassionately forgiving myself whenever I’m aware of judging myself or others.


  1. Lovingly dialoguing with any aspect of myself that is out-of-balance whenever that is present.
  2. Lovingly sharing self-appreciations at the end of the day a minimum of 3 times per week.
  3. Talking in a sweet & nurturing way with little Mary daily.


  1. Lovingly supporting myself by meditating a minimum of 1 hour daily, a minimum of 5 days per week.
  2. Reading a minimum of 1 page of spiritually uplifting material daily.
  3. Writing for 5 minutes daily in my Gratitude Journal.

More Ideas

Sample Nurturing Activities for the Physical Level:

  1. Taking my nutritional supplements daily
  2. Riding my exercise bike 30 min. a day 5X/week
  3. Weekly chiropractic and acupuncture treatments
  4. Walking 30 min. 3X/week
  5. Taking a sauna and Jacuzzi weekly
  6. Sleeping later in the morning 1X/week
  7. Napping 1X/week
  8. Taking a 2-minute conscious breathing break
  9. Drinking 3 liters of water daily
  10. Cultivating the habit of completing cycles of actions
  11. Receiving a massage monthly

Sample Nurturing Activities for the Mental Level:

  1. Reviewing my Ideal Scenes & Living Visions daily
  2. Stating my intentions out loud each day
  3. Saying my affirmation 10 times each day while looking in my own eyes
  4. Compassionate Self-Forgiveness before going to sleep daily
  5. Reading an inspirational quote out loud each day

Sample Nurturing Activities for the Emotional Level:

  1. Dialoguing with my Inner Counselor 1X/week
  2. Compassionate Self-Forgiveness before going to sleep daily
  3. Talking lovingly with little Mary each day
  4. Applying loving to the places inside that hurt as needed
  5. Giving myself encouragement and positive self-talk daily
  6. Prizing myself at the completion of each day
  7. Free-Form Writing 30 minutes/1X per week

Sample Nurturing Activities for the Spiritual Level:

  1. Calling in the Light each day
  2. Sending loving to those on my Loving & Light list fthg daily
  3. Spending time in Prayer each day
  4. Doing Spiritual Exercises for 60 minutes/daily
  5. Engaging in my Spiritual study daily
  6. Reading spiritually uplifting material daily
  7. Listening to a spiritually uplifting CD daily (30–60 min.)
  8. Being of service in some way each day
  9. Spending time in the Silence each day
  10. Keeping a dream journal daily

Sample Joy & Well-Being Nurturing Activities List:

  1. Reading a book I want to read
  2. Reading poetry
  3. Spending time in my garden and enjoying the flowers
  4. Visiting a nursery and enjoying the plants
  5. Spending an afternoon at Huntington Gardens
  6. Going to the spa for an afternoon of treatments
  7. Watching a good movie
  8. Walking on a favorite beach
  9. Having lunch with a friend in a beautiful environment
  10. Talking with and nurturing my cat Isabella daily
  11. Visiting one of my favorite art galleries and enjoying the art
  12. Going to a musical event I enjoy
  13. Listening to beautiful, uplifting music
  14. Looking at magazines while enjoying a fire in the fireplace
  15. Arranging a bouquet of flowers from my garden
  16. Going to the Magic Castle to see one of my favorite magicians
  17. Spending time in Carmel and enjoying 17-Mile Drive
  18. Going to the mountains and spending time taking walks in nature
  19. Getting a manicure and pedicure
  20. Watching birds at our birdfeeder
  21. Eating fresh raspberries
  22. Decorating for the holidays
  23. Watering my African violets
  24. Tending my orchids
  25. Keeping fresh flowers where I’m working
  26. Spending time with my family
  27. Spending time with my friends
  28. Spending time in Santa Fe
  29. Taking myself shopping
  30. Cutting roses to bring into the house