SCL I Class Live

Welcome! This page has everything you need for attending class.


Handouts: check back before orientation

Practices: check back after your first class.

Preparation Instructions & FAQ

Class Schedule


Your Classroom Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 814 4051 3651
Passcode: 33

See Logins on the class prep page for support in joining the classroom Zoom meeting above.

Tech Support

Please complete the preparation instructions here if you have not already.

While in the main class Zoom, you can chat to any cohost labeled “Support”. Please do not chat faculty or the Zoom host.

While in a breakout room (trio), you can click the “Raise Hand” button (not the “Ask for Help” button) at the bottom of your Zoom window. An assistant will join your trio to see what you need.

Attendance: If a life event arises and you need to step away from class without advanced notice, please let us know with one of the following.