In God’s Living Room: Sanctuary for the Soul | Graduate Workshop


This is an online experiential Workshop (USM-style) is open exclusively to graduates of the two-year Program in Spiritual Psychology.

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Workshop Dates and Hours

—Saturday, July 15 | 9am–6:30pm Pacific
—Sunday, July 16 | 9am–6:30pm Pacific

Ron was given the four-line model of consciousness while he and Mary were still living in New Mexico, well before they answered the Call to participate in founding KOH-E-NOR University (which became USM), offering Programs in Soul-Centered education. As a grad, you know this model of consciousness has been foundational to Ron & Mary’s work of sharing the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology all of these years. Recently, Ron received Guidance sharing a new five-line model of consciousness that powerfully conveys Spiritual reality and the place of humanity within it. Join us for a very special weekend experiencing the elevation of living life within God’s Living Room. This Workshop will be facilitated by Ron & Mary. We are offering this event at the very special tuition of $550 as our gift to the grad community.

Refund Policy

Tuition is fully refundable up to 24 hours before class begins on Saturday at 9.a.m. Pacific. After Friday at 9 a.m Pacific, tuition is no longer refundable or transferable.