Stage 1: Clarifying

This is the beginning stage of any project & Soul-Centered Educational Offering. The intention of this stage is to clarify your audience, their needs, opportunities for growth, and Arc of Progress, as well as your purpose and the Picture of Success for your Offering. In this stage, you also clarify and commit to your Daily […]

Stage 2: Designing

In this stage, you begin the initial design of your Offering. Keeping your audience in mind, you clarify the timeframe of the Offering and do a first-pass layout of the strategy, educational content, approach, and activities—how the process or program flows. Once you have a basic sense, you refine until you have a High-Level Content […]

Stage 3: Developing

In the Developing stage, you add details to your HLCO, converting it into a Detailed Content Outline (DCO) and script. This stage provides a beautiful and rich opportunity to partner with Spirit as you breathe life into the outline (DCO) that will eventually become the script and event! In this stage you design more fully […]

Stage 4: Preparing

This stage covers preparation of the final materials for your Offering, including handouts, binders, workbooks, PowerPoint slides, props, participant supplies, reference materials, media, assessments and feedback forms, and a finalized version of your script. Though this is a highly detailed stage, once again it’s a time to connect with your Higher Guidance and Spirit’s Inspiration! […]

Stage 5: Delivering

This is the stage that everything has been building up to and where all the effort and preparation pays off! Time to facilitate your Offering! In the Delivering stage, you have the opportunity to deliver your educational content, set up activities, work directly with your participants in support of their Growth and Awakening, run the […]

Stage 6: Sustaining

This post-Offering stage provides an important opportunity to acknowledge yourself for all your heartfelt devotion and work! In this stage you also assess the event, review feedback, attune to the prizing and guidance of your Inner Teacher, and develop a plan for upleveling—both the event itself, as well as your own facilitation of it. This […]

Submit Participant Feedback Evaluations

Provide Participant Feedback Evaluations from two of your offerings within a 12-month period. The questions highlighted in yellow in this Impaq Sample Evaluation Form are required in your form. Instructions for submission: Scan the evals and email the scans to: Mark, Licia, Kevin (,, Include a summary that provides an average rating of […]