Stage 3: Developing

In the Developing stage, you add details to your HLCO, converting it into a Detailed Content Outline (DCO) and script. This stage provides a beautiful and rich opportunity to partner with Spirit as you breathe life into the outline (DCO) that will eventually become the script and event! In this stage you design more fully your participant activities and ensure that the timing of these and your educational segments fit within your timeframe (don’t forget breaks!). And you check for the process of influence and planning to make sure that what you are going to deliver is digestible for your audience.

Once the DCO is complete, this can be easily translated into your script, which includes the callouts of all ancillary materials as well as volunteer instructions. It’s a good idea in this stage to begin the securing of your support team, as well as confirming any technical requirements if this is a remote Offering. This is also the stage to keep vigilant about unresolved material surfacing. You are your first participant, so it’s a common dynamic to experience firsthand the issues that you are facilitating others in clearing!