Submit Participant Feedback Evaluations

Provide Participant Feedback Evaluations from two of your offerings within a 12-month period. The questions highlighted in yellow in this Impaq Sample Evaluation Form are required in your form.

Instructions for submission:

  • Scan the evals and email the scans to: Mark, Licia, Kevin (mark@bstate.com, liciarester@gmail.com, kevin.walsh@universityofsantamonica.edu)
  • Include a summary that provides an average rating of each question that are numerical ratings. Also, include in your summary, responses to the following questions: As you reflect upon the event you facilitated, what do you see as your greatest win? Learning opportunity? Do you have any questions that would serve the SCF group on our next Zoom call? Please include this summary in the body of the email.
  • If we have any follow-up questions, we’ll email you.
  • If not, you’ll receive our response within 30 days.

You can refer to the participant evaluation samples you received in class for further guidance, which are linked below.